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Policies of Other Resources

Resources from KEGG, Reactome, WikiPathways, and PathBank have been used to build this package and application.



KEGG KGML files are downloaded via the KEGG API for academic purposes (Terms and conditions). More info at Bio2BEL KEGG.

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Reactome RDF files are downloaded via the Reactome API for academic purposes (Terms and conditions).

  • Jassal B, et al. The reactome pathway knowledgebase. Nucleic Acids Research. 48(D1), D498-D503 (2020).
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WikiPathways RDF files are downloaded via WikiPathways FTP server for academic purposes (Terms and conditions).

  • Slenter DN, et al. WikiPathways: a multifaceted pathway database bridging metabolomics to other omics research. Nucleic Acids Research. 46(D1), D661-D667 (2017).
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PathBank pathways and their associated genes are downloaded via their download page. Visit their website for details on the terms and conditions of its use.


Wishart DS, Li C, Marcu A, et al. PathBank: A Comprehensive Pathway Database for Model Organisms. Nucleic Acids Res. 2020 Jan 8;48(D1):D470-D478.